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Vydáno: 19. prosince 1969
Nahráno: podzim 1969, Johnův dům v Ascotu, Ringův dům v Weybridge, Paulův dům v Londýně, londýnské kanceláře Apple
Zvuk. inženýr a producent: Kenny Everett
Obal: Ringo Starr (přední strana), Zak Starkey (zadní strana)

John: Now you lads, have you just shout Happy Christmas for us into the station, eh?

Happy Christmas?

John: Yeah. Go on. One, two, three.

All: Happy Christmas!

John: Thank you, thank you.

John: Ha, ha, happy Christmas,

Yoko Ono: ...Christmas, John, and I see you strolling in Ascot Garden with your wife Yoko, but well, do you have any special thoughts at, for Christmas?

John: Well, Yoko, it is Christmas and my special thoughts, of course, turn towards eating.

Yoko Ono: All right. So what do you like to eat?

John: Well, I'd like some cornflakes prepared by Parisian hands. And I'd like it blessed by Hari Krishna Mantra.

George: "Yes, have a wonderful Christmas."

"Have a jolly new year."

"Make sure that Christmas..."

"...Comes once a year."

"Yes, Happy new year."

"All the best."

This is George Harrison saying Happy Christmas. Happy Christmas. Christmas. Christmas. Happy. Happy.

Ooh, good evening to you ladies
good evening to you gentlemen
happy to be here
good evening to you gentlemen
I fear, I fear, I fear
good evening to you one and all
I hope you will enjoy
the coming sportsday of your life
is mama's little boy.

Yoko Ono: So how do you like the garden here?

John: I think it's simply splendid. I'm overwhelmed by its sancutuary.

Yoko Ono: So, you don't mean this high gates on things and in the walls.

John: Oh, I've always loved high walls. The Elizabethan high wall is something I've always loved. You see, lady.

This is to wish you
oh, merry merry Christmas
this is to wish you
just a merry merry year.

This say to wish you
just a happy happy new year
this is to wish you
and a merry merry merry merry new year.

Paul: I'd like to say that I hope you everybody listening to this has a very happy time at Christmas and has a good, fortunate, lucky new year. And a good time to be had by all.

Mm, this is to wish you a me-merry, merry christmas,
this is to wish you a ha-ha-happy new year.

John: How do you see your place in the year? The seventies to come? We've had the swinging sixties, and I was wondering -Mrs. Lennon- how have you saw your place in the seventies?

Yoko Ono: I think it'll be a quiet, peaceful seventies, hopefully, you know.

John: So you think there's gonna be peace, do you?

Yoko Ono: Yes, and freedom.

John: I see.

Yoko Ono: Freedom of mind. And everything.

John: I see. Really nice.

Yoko Ono: Everybody will just be flying around, you know.

John: Ah, everybody will just be flying around, you see. You understand that?

Yoko Ono: The air's so crisp and all that, And just, there's something about it, very delicate...

Deep and crisp and even,
brightly shone the moon last night
on the mosty cruel.
good king Wwenceslas look out
on the feast of....

Yoko Ono: ...and it's sort of, ah, like a strange magic, you know, just slowing down the process of our thinking. Anyway, it's just really beautiful.

Happy Christmas - (happy Christmas)
happy Christmas - (happy Christmas)
happy Christmas - (happy Christmas)
happy new year.

Take two!

Happy Christmas,
happy, happy, happy, happy, happy Christmas - (happy Christmas)
oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh, happy Christmas - (hah-ah-ah-ah-ah)
oh-oh-oh-oh, happy Christmas.

John, Yoko
John, happy Christmas
it's warm and nice and comfee in Ascot
AC-DC lights
let's put the lights on the trees.

John: All right, dear. You pass me the light and I'll string it on the tree.

Ringo: Merry Cristmas Merry Christmas.... Magic christian, Magic Christian, Magic Christian... It's just a plug for the film. Ken, try and keep it on. This is Ringo Starr saying a Merry Christmas to everybody and very happy new year.

John: I'd like a big teddy!

Yoko Ono: I'll get you a thin green little teddy bear.

John: Oh, thank you mommy.

Yoko Ono: And be a good boy, John.

John: Oh, yes, mommy. I will. As long as you get me a teddy bear.

John: And a train set.

Yoko Ono: A melting train set then.

John: And a man on the moon that goes on the moon and down to the moon.

Yoko Ono: An ice crean moon then.

John: That's right. And lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and...