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Paul McCartney pro lednové číslo časopisu Q, ročník 2010.

Sir Paul McCartney. He made it past 64, but don't expect The Legend to put on carpet slippers yet. Not when he's down to his last Ł750 million.

How the devil are you? Surprisingly good...
I'm feeling great, actually.

What's been the best things about this century?
I have to say just being with my children. And having a new girlfriend. That's very nice, thank you. And getting the opportunity to play the gigs we've been playing. I realised the other day I've been playing with my band now for nine or ten years, or something. So it's like, "God, that's almost as long as I played with The Beatles."

And the worst?
The war.

You witnessed the 9/11 attacks while sitting in a plane on the tarmac at JFK airport. What did you actually see?
A plume of black smoke coming from the first tower, stretching out to the left as we looked at it. Then it suddenly appeared like the other tower was also on fire. I wasn't sure whether it was an illusion at first. Then the stewards gave us the news that there'd been an attack on the Pentagon and that both those towers had been hit. That made the whole thing very serious.

Which of The Beatles remasters did you like the most?
It's like trying to choose between your babies, y'know? The joy for me is hearing us clearer than ever in the studio. I'm into all the stuff we did. Cos it's my past. It's my snapshot album.

Where were you when you heard Michael Jackson had dies?
I was at home and got a text from someone I know who's a producer for the Larry King show. She said, "Would you come on to talk about Michael Jackson?" And I thought, "It's gonna be his 50 gigs." But I sensed that it was more than that. It was first thing in the morning and I was taking my little one to school. I put the telly on and immediately I realised he'd died.

The two of you had your ups and downs in the '80's...
I'm not one to hold a grudge. We were great friends for a while. And then we kind of just drifted apart. It was no sort of great enmity. So it was sad to hear he'd died. Especially when he was on the brink of a comeback. It would've proved how good he was again.

He bought The Beatles' song catalogue in the 80's. Does it make it easier for you to get that back in the fire sale?
No. I gave up on all that years ago. The interesting thing is some of it's due to come back to me anyway, just in a few years' time. So it's one of those, y'know, just...leave them alone and they'll come home, wagging their tails behind them.

What's the one thing you wish you'd done but didn't this decade?
Nothing, I don't think. I've managed to feel quite fulfilled this decade. If I hadn't done The Fireman, I think I would wish I'd done that because it freshened ideas up for me.

And the one thing you did but wish you hadn't?
Ha ha! Oh God, I dunno. Well, I did wish I didn't...not really....can't think of any.

There is one obvious one...
What are you saying?

Getting married again...
(smích) OK, yeah, I suppose that has to be the prime contender. But I don't wanna down anyone. These things happen, y'know? But I tend to look at the positive side, which is that I have another beautiful daughter out of it.

Is it true you lost Ł60 million in the credit crunch?
I've no idea, man. The thing is - you know it, I know it - they make it up. Years ago, they started to say, "Paul McCartney's worth this." I'd go, "Am I?" Cos I don't know. It's not like I ring up and say, "How much am I worth?" So this is the latest one. There's a credit crunch so therefore Elton John, Paul McCartney and George Michael are worth considerably less. And they're always saying I'm retiring. That came out with the gigs I just did. The first question a journalist asked me was, "Is it true you're retiring?" You go, (wearily) "No, it isn't actually."

So, is it true you're retiring?
(smích) Yeah. After this interview. No, man. I have too much fun. Why would I retire? Sit at home and watch telly? No thanks. I'd rather be out playing.

Can you sum up the century in a Tweet of less than 140 characters?
(smích) Jesus Christ!!