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27. srpna 1967 se Beatles dozvěděli, že zemřel jejich dlouholetý manažer Brian Epstein. Právě trávili čas u Maharishi Maheshe v Bangoru. Před místní univerzitou se k této smutné zprávě vyjádřili John Lennon a George Harrison. Přítomen byl také Ringo Starr, ale mluvil minimálně. Paul McCartney byl právě na cestě do Londýna.

JOHN: I don't know what to say. We've only just heard, and it's hard to think of things to say. But he was just... He was a warm fellow, you know, and it's terrible.
What are your plans now?
JOHN: We haven't made any, you know. I mean, we've only just heard.
RINGO: Yes, you know. It's as much news to us as it is to everybody else.
John, where would you be today without Mr. Epstein?
JOHN: I don't know.
Are you driving down to London tonight?
JOHN: Yes. Somebody's taking us down. Yeah.
You heard the news this afternoon (Sunday), I believe, and Paul's already gone down?
JOHN: Yes.
You've no idea what your plans are for tomorrow?
JOHN: No, no. We'll just go and find out, you know. And...
GEORGE: ...just have to play everything by ear.
I understand that Mr. Epstein was to be initiated here tomorrow.
JOHN: Yes.
When was he coming up?
GEORGE: Tomorrow... just Monday, that's all we knew.
Had you told him very much about the spiritual regeneration movement?
GEORGE: Well, as much as we'd learned about spiritualism and various things of that nature, then we tried to pass on to him. And he was equally as interested as we are, as everybody should be. He wanted to know about life as much as we do.
Had you spoken to him since your... since you became interested this weekend?
GEORGE: I spoke to him Wednesday evening, the evening before we first saw Maharishi's lecture, and he was in great spirits.
And when did he tell you that he'd like to be initiated?
GEORGE: Well, when we arrived here on Friday we got a telephone call later that day to say that Brian would follow us up and be here Monday.
Do you intend returning to Bangor before the end of this conference?
GEORGE: We probably won't have time now, because Maharishi will only be here till about Thursday and we'll have so much to do in London that we'll have to meet him again some other time.
I understand that this afternoon Maharishi confered with you all. Could I ask you what advice he offered you?
JOHN: He told us... uhh... not to get overwhelmed by grief. And whatever thoughts we have of Brian to keep them happy, because any thoughts we have of him will travel to him wherever he is.
Had he ever met Mr. Epstein?
JOHN: No, but he was looking forward to meeting him.
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Have you a tribute that you would like to pay to Mr. Epstein?
JOHN: Well you know... We don't know what to say. We loved him and he was one of us.
GEORGE: You can't pay tribute in words.