"The musical life and times of John and Yoko. The dream lives on..." Kompilační album obsahující mírové písně Johna Lennona a Yoko Ono bylo určeno pouze pro asijský a australský trh.

4.8.2005 EMI 0946 332509 2 5

Give rage a chance Remix 2005 (featuring the voices of Asia) (6:11)
Gimme some truth (3:16)
Love (3:22)
Don't hold on (1:53)
Give peace a chance 2004: ONO (3:54)
Imagine (3:04)
Bring on the Lucie (Freeda people) (4:13)
Mind games (4:13)
I don't want to be a soldier mama (6:04)
Instant karma (3:20)
Power to the people (3:23)
Real love (4:08)
Help me to help myself (2:09)
I don't wanna face it (3:23)
Bless you (4:37)
Happy xmas (War is over) (3:34)
Listen the snow is falling (3:10)
Give peace a chance (4:54)

Help me to help myself

John Lennon - sólový zpěv, piano

Píseň vyšla v roce 2000 jako bonus na reedici alba Johna Lennona Double fantasy.

Well I tried so hard to stay alive
but the angel of destruction keeps on houding me all around
but I know in my heart that we never really parted
oh no.

They say the Lord helps those who help themselves
so I'm asking this question in the hope that you'll be kind
cos I know deep inside I was never satisfied
oh no.

Lord help me
Lord help me now
please help me Lord, yeah yeah yeah
help me to help myself
help me to help myself.